Who is he really?

This question will probably make some. Njörn Unaveus also from time to time. Well, you could now talk about it for hours, but that would not be appropriate here. It's much more interesting art which he operates and how he came to this painting.

1961, the artist was born in Bremen, where it is gone to school. During school he began to take an interest in art. At that time he had drawn old sailing ships and dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the portfolios him go missing. Finally, the work and the competitive sports intervened, so the art for several decades was first time on ice. By studying at art seminars, which the artist Fritz Bettelhäuser (material designers, as he calls himself), he is once again come to the art closer. Through an East-West exchange between Sachsen-Anhalt and Bremen Njörn Unaveus has become aware of the ancient encaustic painting


What is Encaustic some will ask. This question he would also like to answer, but a little later. On one of these seminars him this ancient art painting was shown and he could also try the same on this painting. The artist was inspired by this painting. The two images "Underwater World" and "cave" incurred on these art classes among others. He was surprised at the results. At the training center in Merseburg on the Saale he has then also his first painting tool, which you need for this kind of painting bought. After he got back home he has been working on this painting technique further and further. There are more pictures were taken and some of them can be seen on his website. More pictures can be seen in his modest studio. 2005 Njörn Unaveus then moved to Saarland, where he then lived and worked until the end of 2013. There he attended almost every year at the Encaustic Maltagen, artists from Switzerland, Austria and Germany presented in yourself. There he met the artist Helmut Hartmann and the Swiss artist Verena Saxer and has perfected his painting technique and developed his own style of painting final. Now the artist has been living in Bremen.


Now to the question: What is Encaustic? The Encaustic painting is very old. This special Wachsmaltechnik was being used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, that looks back on 3000 years of history. In ancient Greece and ancient Egypt at the time of the pyramids were built (mummy portraits) experienced painting with hot wax bloom times. The word encaustic comes from the Greek and means "burning, heat with fire" and describes a painting technique in which colorful wax is heated by hot iron and permanently on a painting surface, such as Plaster, canvas and wood was applied. Today is applied using an iron-shaped painting iron, a soldering iron like Malpen and a bristle brush melted wax on a painting surface, such as a special paper and on canvas. Njörn Unaveus paints now only on canvas.



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